January 2012 - TIN500 Tube Inspector

The LogoTek business division "image processing and identification" delivered, installed and commissioned in january 2012 a tube inspection system for Benteler AG. Major task of the system is the determination of the cutting position of the tube end. The precise calculation of the cutting position saves material and improves the quality of the produced steel tubes.

Within the inspection device there are installed 5 efficient cameras, which are able to examine the tubes from each side, and as well 5 flash units, which are offering the necessary illumination. Due to this it´s easily possible to detect even fast moving tubes. The software is based on the LogoTek-Image Processing Framework IPA and is furthermore able to control the image acquistion respectively to calculate the cutting position with an high accuracy.


Latest News

March 2014 - Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co.,Ltd.(VAMA) awards a contract for material tracking to LogoTek
Beyond this, there will be eventhough installed a crane tracking system on each of the in total 18 cranes and a wireless-LAN-communication. LogoTek-Software will be in addition responsible for the tracking of the material transportations and for booking the coils in its new locations. ...read more


September 2013 - Big Order from Taiwan
The Formosa Plastics Group from Taipeh/Taiwan just decided to put the responsibility in terms of the technology for material tracking for their new steelworks in Vietnam into the hands of LogoTek....read more


August 2013 - Extension of the heavy plate logistic system in Duisburg
Four additional halls and seven cranes will be integrated in the yet existing yard management system. ...read more


June 2013 - LogoTek gets a contract for an optical identification system for steel billets
The Dragon Steel Corporation,a subsidiary of the biggest steel manufacturer in Taiwan the China Steel Co., just ordered LogoTek with the delivery of a system for the identification of steel billets. ...read more


April 2013 - ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG just ordered LogoTek with the delivery of a marking machine for heavy plates
LogoTek will be responsible for the technical construction, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the marking machine. ...read more



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