Inspection systems for steel products

Logotek develops, produces and distributes professional inspection systems in particular for steel products. The extrem rugged and robust technique is therefore especially designed for a long lifetime and provides among a simple handling, excellent and very detailed picture recordings. With our systems, you ensure, that your products achieve the highest quality standards.   

Each inspection system will be integrated perfectly and as precise as possible into the yet existing production. Logotek offers complete turnkey solutions with (amongst others) surface inspection, cutting position and geometric measurements of different types of steel products. 

The TIN500

Major task of this, from the company Logotek developed inspection system, is the determination of the cutting position of the tube end. The precise calculation of the cutting position saves money and improves the quality of the produced steel tubes.

Due to a special ring-shaped arrangement of the cameras, it is possible to detect the whole profile of the tube optically to 100 %. The evaluation of the optical measurement is supported by a QuadCore industry PC which features a 64 bit operating system and the eventual evaluation software IPA (Image Processing Application). The IPA software is a product created by the company LogoTek.

The TIN500 is a system that can be used for various applications. It is easy extendable for a surface inspection or a geometric measurement.

Description of the system

The TIN500 consists of a rugged housing which has the ability to withstand high temperatures of up to 950°C, due to a fully heat insulated inside.

The system is equipped with high-resolution cameras and illumination units for the inspection of the tube end.

A Hot Metal Detector recognizes the tube end and provides the trigger signal for the cameras and the illumination units.

With the support of an exceptionally user-friendly mounted control unit and a fixed installed status signal light on top of the machine, possible faults can be realized and cleared immediately.

The external industrial PC and the user interface of the IPA software allow a simple operation. This avoids high efforts and long-term training phases for prospective operators.

Due to the Gigabit network connection, all detected data are directly evaluated and transferred to a server processor. As a result of this, data can be used for further production or statistic operations immediately.


The TIN500 provides following data and values

  • Exact cutting position
  • Geometry of the tube
  • Length of the tube


The captured data are prepared graphically and stored into an archive. Due to a visualization software which is included in the scope of supply, the operator has also access to historical data. 


Latest News

March 2014 - Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co.,Ltd.(VAMA) awards a contract for material tracking to LogoTek
Beyond this, there will be eventhough installed a crane tracking system on each of the in total 18 cranes and a wireless-LAN-communication. LogoTek-Software will be in addition responsible for the tracking of the material transportations and for booking the coils in its new locations. more


September 2013 - Big Order from Taiwan
The Formosa Plastics Group from Taipeh/Taiwan just decided to put the responsibility in terms of the technology for material tracking for their new steelworks in Vietnam into the hands of more


August 2013 - Extension of the heavy plate logistic system in Duisburg
Four additional halls and seven cranes will be integrated in the yet existing yard management system. more


June 2013 - LogoTek gets a contract for an optical identification system for steel billets
The Dragon Steel Corporation,a subsidiary of the biggest steel manufacturer in Taiwan the China Steel Co., just ordered LogoTek with the delivery of a system for the identification of steel billets. more


April 2013 - ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG just ordered LogoTek with the delivery of a marking machine for heavy plates
LogoTek will be responsible for the technical construction, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the marking machine. more



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