Image Processing and Optical Measurement

Logotek supplies image processing and measuring systems for dimensional measurement and machine control. Logotek is also supplier of OCR solutions for the identification of steel products like heavy plates, billets and slabs. LogoTek image processing solutions are well proofed under the extremly rough conditions of the steel industry.Special care is taken for vibration resistance, dust protection and cooling.

The Logotek-software components include programs for OCR/text recognition, HMI of identification results and control of peripheral devices (scanner,sensors,illumination).

Material Identification/OCR-Reader

The identification of paint marked or stamped identifications on steel products is meanwhile a reliable process. Nearly unreadable codes can be identified with sophisticated image processing algorithms. Precondition is a carefull training of character sets, and a suitable illumination- and camera system.

With the help of innovative image processing in combination with a database based plausibility check a reading rate of nearly 100% is realistic.

LogoTek offers OCR- and code reading systems on basis of high resolution cameras, sophisticated illumination and software. 

Application sample: Identification of Blooms
In a Taiwanese steel plant a system for the identification of blooms was realized. the system is used to identify blooms in front of the pre-heating furnaces before the rollng mill. Wrong blooms shall be found by the system. The system is reading the 5 digit heat number, and an additional 4 digit code that identifies the single bloom.   

Download application note "Identification of Blooms with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)"


Slab Profile Measurement

A special scanner application in the steel industry is the slab profile measurement directly at the continuous caster.  LogoTek is using high performance laser scanners of laser class 3B for this task. The scanners are able to measure on red hot steel of temperatures of up to 1100 °C. The scanners are installed at opposite sides of the roller table in a distance of about 500 mm from the slab surface. A robust air cooled protection housing isolates the scanner from the extremely rough conditions of the continuous caster. The slab profile measurement system can provide following information:

  • Slab thickness
  • Slab profile (geometrical shape of the slab)
  • Slab length (needs information about roller table speed)

The  geometrical data is provided in a 3D and 2D format. An archive for the data is provided, using a database. LogoTek can supply a client software to access the archive data.

Optical Measurement/Luminance Measurement

Calibration measurement of LED-displays can be done with calibrated cameras. We have realized a project for the automatic detection of luminosity and uniformity of several LED displays that are part of an avionic computer system. The test results are stored in a database, and test protocols are automatically generated. The test software controls the display unit in different brightness modes, and it is also showing different test pictures.

Another project was the detection of the positon of a steel billet in front of a marking machine. A camera is taking a picture, and the processing software is locating the billet on this picture. On the billet surface the best suitable location for the stamping code is located. This information is then sent to the stamping machine, that is stamping a unique identification code on the billet surface. The system is designed for a high reliability and insensitivity for varying illumination conditions.  


Thermal Imaging/Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras are able to supply 2D pictures of the temperature of object surfaces. In a German steel plant LogoTek has realized a thermal imaging system to detect and monitor the temperature of heavy plates on a cooling bed. An infrared camera of the manufacturer FLIR was installed beside the heavy plate cooling bed. The camera picture is transmitted via Wireless LAN into the crane cabin. Purpose of the system is to check that the plates temperature allows magnetizing of the material.  

Another infrared camera application is the check of temperature leakages/isolation failures at furnaces. 


Latest News

March 2014 - Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co.,Ltd.(VAMA) awards a contract for material tracking to LogoTek
Beyond this, there will be eventhough installed a crane tracking system on each of the in total 18 cranes and a wireless-LAN-communication. LogoTek-Software will be in addition responsible for the tracking of the material transportations and for booking the coils in its new locations. more


September 2013 - Big Order from Taiwan
The Formosa Plastics Group from Taipeh/Taiwan just decided to put the responsibility in terms of the technology for material tracking for their new steelworks in Vietnam into the hands of more


August 2013 - Extension of the heavy plate logistic system in Duisburg
Four additional halls and seven cranes will be integrated in the yet existing yard management system. more


June 2013 - LogoTek gets a contract for an optical identification system for steel billets
The Dragon Steel Corporation,a subsidiary of the biggest steel manufacturer in Taiwan the China Steel Co., just ordered LogoTek with the delivery of a system for the identification of steel billets. more


April 2013 - ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG just ordered LogoTek with the delivery of a marking machine for heavy plates
LogoTek will be responsible for the technical construction, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the marking machine. more



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